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Hi! I'm Jesse and I'm here to take your customer experience game to the next level

Listings with 360 tours are 2X more likely to generate interest.  360 tours motivate customers to make a purchase 29% of the time.



We provide high quality 360 photo and video content to assist businesses increase customer experience and retention. 

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Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are 360 photos linked together that allow visitors to your website to navigate through your commercial space. You are able to store addition information in the virtual tour such as menus, pricing lists, etc. 360 Tours let customers peak inside before they arrive, and boost your visibility online.

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Street View

When searching for businesses, customers use mapping products 44% of the time. On average, 41% of these place searches result in on-site visits. Listings with photos and virtual tours are twice as likely to generate interest. Being on StreetView will increase your online presents and rank you higher in search.

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Social Media

360 Photos, Mirror Balls, Rabbit Holes, and Tiny Planets are interesting and unique content that are likely to generate conversation and encourage potential customers to interact with your Social Media accounts. An effective method of organic marketing.


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Real Estate, Hotels, Small Shops

Residential Rental


Institutional and Commercial

Klub Dialogu Polish Language School


Industrial and Automotive

Max Boost Garage-Karol Sadlinski

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Examples of Social Media posts.

Social Media Ideas


My name is Jesse

My goal is to bring a Canadian standard of customer service and product quality that maximizes the benefits of 360 Virtual Tours, leading to increased customer flow and sales.  

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I started my freelance film and photo journey as a hobby and a support to my professional career as a land use planner. I saw how effective videos and photos were at explaining to stakeholders what the project was and how it would affect their lives. Now that I have immigrated to a new country I have decided to start a new career bringing all the benefits I experienced with visual representations to local businesses here in Europe.


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